“The only real valuable thing is intuition”

Albert Einstein 


INTUITION is part of the MoPP2019 (Months of Photography Pafos) program of events. It started in 2018 as a photography workshop introduced by Elias Georgiadis in Pafos and it was attended by 8 photographers from the CPS-Pafos Branch. This was followed by the production of photos by each participant. The project was  concluded with the exhibition and catalogue publication in October 2019.

The members of the CPS-Pafos Branch who participated in this action had the opportunity to develop their artistic creativity, to communicate directly and to collaborate with a renowned Greek photographer and curator. The challenge for the artist-photographers was to explore and reveal their creative sensitivity and empathy and through their intuition to produce an original work that could evolve in the future.

 «In this exhibition and catalogue one can witness the multifaceted photographic approaches of the subject by the participating artists. Photography becomes the vehicle of intuition that allows us to gain vital awareness of ourselves and our environment, beyond intellect and logic.» (Thanos Savvidis, Chairman of the CPS – Paphos Branch).

«Perhaps the most intense concern of most photographers today is about how to develop their personal stigma in photography. What the photographer really wants is to communicate with his personal space and time and with the pact facing his camera at all times. This is how images are born and then take their own way.» (Ilias Georgiades, curator of INTUITION exhibition).


Andreas Drousiotis Rena Achilleos

Eleana Theophilou Simos Charalambous

Thanos Savvidis Charalambos Nicolaides

Michael Kofteros

Curator: Ilias Georgiades


Opening: Friday 18th October 2019, 7p.m. 

En Plo Gallery, Kato Pafos

Duration:18 - 26 October 2019

Opening hours: 11:00π.μ. - 7μ.μ.


Cyprus Photographic Society – Paphos Branch

Sponsored by:
Cultural Services (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth)




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