Athens is the cradle of Europe and the western culture. Today Greece is leaving long-lasting financial crises and austerity, the upcoming artists have found the way to expresses themselves through the media of photography. With the works of three guest photographers Dimitris Mytas, John Robokos and George Makridis we have created the new understanding of new balance.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery has ventured to bring photographers from Athens to make a group exhibition in Rotterdam following international incentive to demonstrate the different vision of the politically engaged photography. 

With current exhibition, we start the yearly-based collaborations with Athens artists in order to create the exhibition exchanges. January 2019 RAW Streetphoto Gallery will make its exhibition in Greece under the title "Rotterdam Faces".

Current group show of Athens photographers:

Dimitris Mytas, John Robokos, George Makridis is the first exhibition that will follow with new ideas and interesting exchanges.

We invite you to take part in the opening and find out about the possibilities to fool our new international collaboration.

Raw Streetphoto Gallery ask them about the ’’faces’’ within the urban landscape.

“Alice in the cities” by Mytas Dimitris 

These three pictures are part of my portfolio entitled “Alice in the cities” that pays tribute to the homonymous film of the "old master" Wim Wenders. My photographic approach attempts to appropriate the vision that pervades in the unadulterated look of the small child, as she wanders the contemporary cities of Europe and is confronted with the unfamiliar urban landscape. Though I am fully aware that my roaming is affected by my being a reflective adult, the original idea proves to be a catalyst and defines the development of the whole project: constructed thought is infused in the automatic depiction of scenes from everyday life. I am thus in quest of the fundamental core of the facts by removing the veil of familiarity imposed by the idleness of adult vision. 

 John Robokos 

The most important part of my photographic activity includes recordings of short stories on the streets of the city. Urban landscape and man as a key element are usually the subjects I try to capture. The difficulty of creating attractive images in the almost impersonal and often unattractive city center is a lasting and almost addictive search effort. A small part of this search is the three photos I chose in this presentation. 

George Makridis

God made the countryside and man the city 

William Cowper (1731-1800) 

People within this city, is the same protagonist with different roles. With his fast and hasty step or strong voice, remind us his strong presence. But on the other hand people with disabilities live in the city's frame but under the shadow of the others. How strong is the presence of man in it or does it seem to be? 

Who is RAW Streetphoto Gallery?

Alexey Shifman unique a platform for emerging street photographers. Our mission is to develop the photography movement in Rotterdam.

Photographers can gain unique artistic experience during exhibitions and establish the reliable partnership with the gallery.

We encourage artists to go beyond limits of photography and find the new way of RAW expression.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery

+31 6 42082476

Coolsestraat 75, Rotterdam, 3014 LH

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