Nicolas Garcia

I work more with instinct. Sometimes I will take a photo while I am still walking. Eventually I stop 3 seconds to frame my photo and continue my walk. Sometimes I stay at the same place if I really like it visually and I get a few shots when something happens (people, bicycles passing by) But most of the time the decisive means I am in sync with some event and able to capture it without trouble. If I started to run to get closer people would notice me and that would ruin it.

When did you first think of becoming a photographer?

To be honest, before I pick up my first camera and try myself, I thought photography was a hobby for imbeciles who cannot enjoy the present moment.

Then about a few years ago when I was a student at a video engineering school, I had to take a class about art in general and our first sequence was about photography.

I didn’t get along with the teacher very well because he would make us write essays (which I really dislike doing) about random photographs.

He was a lot into Magnum photos and more specifically into Cartier Bresson.

I thought those photographs were nice indeed but they all got ruined by the school type blah blah. For sure it didn’t help me to appreciate photography.

Plus at this time I was really into music making. I didn’t want to pay attention to many things at the same time. I was kind of lazy haha.

But a classmate of mine who had studied photography show me that compilation book about Nobuyoshi Araki. And this is when I started to get into it and I soon purchased my first camera.

What is the decisive moment for you?

I work more with instinct. Sometimes I will take a photo while I am still walking. Eventually I stop 3 seconds to frame my photo and continue my walk.

Sometimes I stay at the same place if I really like it visually and I get a few shots when something happens (people, bicycles passing by)

But most of the time the decisive means I am in sync with some event and able to capture it without trouble. If I started to run to get closer people would notice me and that would ruin it.

How did the idea of Busan comes to you?

Really nothing special, I just had to go join people and since it was my first time there I was quite excited by the area I stayed at.

What are you trying to say with this project?

My photos always show what I see on my way or what I am doing at the moment.

There are not much planned photos. If I hang out with friends I would let them do what they do and just adapt myself to the situation.

So there are no secret meaning to my work haha. Just a collection of places and people. Each photos have some emotions attached to them for sure.

Busan is a black and white project with a lot of dramatic and cinematic scenes, am I right? Is that some kind a mirror? I mean is your soul that reflects to your images?

Yes, I mostly do black and white photos. The pictures are quite dramatic due to the weather I think haha. It was very cloudy and the day before we have seen 24 hours of impressive rain. It was crazy.

As I was saying before, I’m just communicating the world what I see thought photos. But since you mention it I am the dreamy type and I get lost a lot in my thoughts. When I walk somewhere I observe things and people but I am still dreaming about other things.

This probably affects the way I see things? If I were a very angry person I would get angry to everyone I suppose.

But, for example last week it was my birthday so I took a photo of the food I ate and I wanted that photo to smell like hot soup even after 50 years. Maybe that helps to understand what I mean.

Why do you prefer black & white photography?

Well on the technical side, black and white is very convenient to use as you don’t have to worry about anything related to color. Even if I use green and red filters to shape my tones so…in a way I care about colors.

But I was speaking about the white balance for indoor and night shots for example.

Black and white is also nice to play with shadows. I like shadows. I like when shadows extend from things in the morning and late evening. These are my favorite moments to take photos outside.

Of course you can do that in color too but it looks less exciting to me. Maybe it looks too real?

But since I was speaking about filters, I really like it when people faces are rendered very white / bright and red colors rendered deep black.

Why did you leave France and what was the difficulty of that decision?

I left France because I was very bored about life there. You know I was a technician at a TV station and it was a fun job but I wasn’t very happy. Paris is a big busy city with a lot of cultural things but it is also a very cold and aggressive city.

I was not inspired to do any photographs where I lived. I was just taking photos of my ceiling and girls I was dating. When I arrived here I started to take photos daily and now a year after I don’t regret it. I think my photography improved a lot because I was and still am very excited about what I see here.

Of course, the culture and things are very different of what I was used to since I was born but I am here to take photos and enjoy a quiet life. It is good to spend time and understand things to photograph them better.

If i didn’t come here I wouldn’t be working on my photography book for example.

Who are some of your favorite photographers (past& present)?

Yes so, to continue about that story in school, you know about my classmate.

Araki photos definitely looked different from all the more «dull» things we watched in class. It was still street photography and showing people life in the streets but there was more excitement and emotions added to it and those great photo angles !

So definitely my favorite photographer is Araki and it made me research more about other Japanese photographers.

I really appreciate photographers like Onaka Koji and lately I found about Kenji Ishiguro and his book «Hiroshima Now» which is a wonderful book.

For the more «recent» without hesitation my good friend from the Netherlands Jamèl van de Pas with whom I started photography more or less at the same time. We saw each other work getting more quality as the time passed and now we have multiple projects in common such as the making of a photography zine and our personal photography books that we expect to release in 2017.

What was the camera that you start photography with?

My first camera was a 35mm slr Minolta XG-1 from ebay. I got it around 2013. It fell on the floor this summer by the way… RIP

Since we speak of that film is great but getting more and more expensive and you need a lot of tool to print photos at home so I then bought a Fujifilm x100s.

I also have a Fuji Xpro1 and a Olympus TG-4 waterproof camera that I take with me under the rain hehe.

What’s the meaning of photography to you?

Oh well, this is a very broad question. I think I answered it a little earlier when we spoke about the Busan project. But really I think it is all about moments and being able to re-watch or share those moments with others.

You are a young photographer though you have built a quite well reputation. What is your advice to a young photographer that he is trying to make his

first steps?

I don’t really think I have a good reputation lol but I think what I struggled the most with when I started was that I am about 187cm tall and I was trying to be discreet to take a photo so the final photos all had the same angles which was not satisfying to me.

So don’t be afraid to take weird body positions in public sometimes and also enjoy printing your photos and backup your work if you use a digital camera..

Do you have a website or flickr, facebook or twitter page incase someone wants to see more of your work or some kind of contact that I can give to the public?

Yes you can talk to me on facebook here:

I also have a lens culture profile :

Give us a message to our Greek iFocus readers

Thank you for reading me !

and feel free to contact me if you want to talk or get informations about coming photo zines & books...

Let me have your favorite quote about photography and your favorite song

My favorite quote about photography is definitely a sentence by Nobuyoshi Araki that you can hear in the movie «Arakimentari» when he says « ok let’s do some art!» pointing his camera at a water hose laying on the sidewalk.

It helps me to remind me that photography is fun.

As for my favorite song, I listen to many many different artists so my favorite artist is R. Stevie Moore.

He is a North American artist who has been active since the 60’s. Since, the tiles goes well with the situation I would recommend the songs «New talent needed all the time»

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