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I am a dead fish in a cyanide sea. I like boys that look like girls and girls that look like aliens.

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Daria, give us your favorite quote about photography

Ansel Adams said You don't take a photograph, you make it. I think it suits well to what a digital photo-manipulator tries to do (but its probably not what mr. Adams had in mind when he said that :))

You are creating surreal dream scapes, drowned win icy atmosphere and laden with pain and mystery, what is your inspiration?

There is so much stuff out there that inspires me - it can be any kind of visual art, a musical piece, a life event or even a dream. I think before it happened on a more subconscious level but lately Ive been trying to choose a certain topic and subsequently develop it in my imagery.


Nowadays, due to economical crisis, South Europe in particular, things are pretty difficult, that means that the photographers, also, are facing enormous problems to make their livings. What is the current situation in Norway?

The market itself is tough but once you have established yourself, you can make a good living with it. If we are talking about a professional photographer, with a studio, doing kids portraits and weddings, this is very well paid, but I doubt I would be able to have it as my job. If you mean photographer as an artist, producing fine art and selling it in the galleries, it is indeed difficult. I am guessing photo-manipulation hasnt found the right niche in the world of art yet, and therefore its not really valued or appreciated. As for me personally, I have a part-time job on the side and making pictures is more of a passion/hobby than a trade.

You are very young photographer not only at age but also at experience, although you manage to build a great name in Europe. What is the recipe of this successful achievement?

Ive never been good at marketing myself and I suppose for the most part I was just lucky. I still think the main ingredients are talent and skills, which allow you to create something special. After that, you can put a lot of effort into making yourself known (nowadays we have all the needed tools for that - social media, photography communities etc) or just patiently wait for a good opportunity to pop up. In any case, practice, lots and lots of it, will never hurt.


Do you spend more time in your computer to fix an image than to capture it?

or the most part, yes. Although my sets become more and more complicated, involving careful preparation and self-made props - it always takes time. It also depends on the picture - some of them need just a light touch, while others involve a great deal of editing.


Are you working οn a new project at the moment, are you willing to tell us something about it?

My current project is dedicated to the nordic mythology and nature, and I am trying to explore the mysticism behind a ritual, particularly one of a sacrifice. My plan is to finish 8 images (at the moment 4 of them are ready) and to exhibit them in Gent, Belgium this summer. Its quite a big commitment for me, as I dont usually work with series, and I also have a deadline to respect - so all in all, its not easy, but still very exciting.


Have you ever been in Greece? What is your first impression or rather what is your first image that comes to your mind on hearing the world "Greece"

No, unfortunately I havent, but I would be delighted to visit at some point. The first association would be of course the amazing ancient Greek culture and mythology. After that, its more earthly things, like food - I love tzatziki (well, who doesnt :))


Daria, is it possible to send a message to our IFocus readers who, in their majority, are photographers?

I am not very good with words, so Ill keep it short.

Stay inspired and creative. Practice. Dont give up!


About Daria

Photographer and digital artist, based in Oslo, Norway, Daria Endresen draws her inspiration from her most intimate, personal stories. Observant and sensitive, Daria creates surreal dream scapes.

Her works have been featured in numerous publications and art books in Europe and overseas, and she took part in many shows across the world, among others in Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and the United States.

I am a dead fish in a cyanide sea.

I like boys that look like girls and girls that look like aliens.

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