Antiparos International Photo Festival, 2017: Aleksandar Crnogorac

Antiparos International Photo Festival: Οι Συμμετοχές

South Africa`s Chrome Industry

In recent years, the South African province of Limpopo has often been referred to as the modern day African Eldorado.Nestled in the northeastern part of the country bordering Mozambique, the Limpopo province holds some of the Worlds largest chrome deposits.

South Africa is in fact the World leading exporter of chrome and in recent years.

Driven by the ever growing Chinese demands, exports have surged as has the illegal mining and trading of this precious mineral. Both police and tribal leaders corruption has amounted to large quantities of chrome ore being illegally removed from the province costing the state millions in lost income tax and not to even begin to mention the long term negative effects the local community is enduring. Should to shoulder with large international multinational companies smaller buisnesses have mushroomed with no real state control over them. To further strengthen their price competitiveness these businesses mostly employ provisionary laborers with no valid contracts or legal rights. Despite these difficult and uncertain realities, most of these workers remain positive about their near future because most are in fact illegal immigrants from neighboring Zimbabwe whom have escaped the hardship of their home country.

Aleksandar  Crnogorac was born in Vienna to parents of Yugoslav origins and spent most of his formative years in Switzerland and the US. He obtained a MA in Political Science from King`s College (London, UK) and a MA in Photography from SPEOS (Paris, France). In his work, he has been dedicated to documenting various aspects and forms of human nature and over the past decade has focused on both long term documentary projects as well as commercial photography and portraits. He is currently based in Milan Italy and is available for assignment worldwide.