We are ΦΩS-Athens: Alex Coghe  (Judges)

Interview: Dora Lavazou

How and why you become a photographer?

I started to photograph at age 10, and while I've always written, I left photography for years. I back in digital era, and after a period where I was just  an amateur, in Mexico I became a professional photographer, combining the passion and commitment of writing also as correspondent from Mexico for Italian magazines with photography. I always thought to photography as a document, a way to document the world around me, and this is the reason why I have found in street photography and photojournalism my area of specialization.

Give us some reasons why someone should or not be a photographer 

If you thing to get rich with photography, don’t do it. If you are moved by something else, do it. I don’t think I need to explain what is this something else. 


Why did you choose to move from Italy to Mexico ?

Love. So easy. I met the woman of my life and to reach her and marry with her, I left my job in Italy (I was working for government) and any small certainty to grab my life. I would say a winning bet: Apart from staying with the woman I love, I also became a photojournalist.

Who is your favorite photographer and why?

Can I answer with 2? David Alan Harvey and Ferdnando Scianna, and both because I feel their visions and attitudes in respect to photography very close to what I think.

Tell me the secret: what and how can someone make a great picture?

I could say you, it is about composition, content, lighting. But is not enough: telling a story, engaging for the viewer. In this way we can understand the feeling is very important, and this includes a series of combinations and results, which can never be limited to the mere technical aspect. Otherwise any every student who came out of a school of art would be a great photographer, but we know doesn’t happen that way...


Alex Coghe 

Editor and Photographer 

Established Photojournalist currently based in Mexico City. Erotic and Fashion Photographer. Writer. Editor. Publisher. Photography Trainer. Visual Provoker.

Specialized in: Photojournalism. Editorial Photography.  Fashion. Erotic. Portraits. Books for models, hostesses, actresses, rock bands, private clients. Events coverage.

Worked on assignment for Leica. Currently Official Fujifilm X Photographer.